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Stratoschool Lifts You Into The Digital Economy

The pandemic catalyzed everything online including digital learning. GSV Ventures reports that 1.6 billion learners were suddenly forced to meet their needs online, and they project 2.7 billion digital learners by 2027, at which point the digital learning sector could be worth $1 trillion!

Stratoschool brings together learners and approved content partners from different genres to create a win-win-win in the digital economy for everyone involved.

ALL members benefit from the collective expertise on the platform!

ALL members can make money with us!

And it's extremely easy to participate!

Built For Lifelong Learners

There are a lot of information junkies out there, and they can't get enough new learning.

Unfortunately, the pandemic driven digital shift left many learners unprepared to scour the internet for good training at a fair price.

And while there's a ton of free content, it's hard to know what's credible, and it takes a LOT of time to find and cobble together.

The result?

Digital learners are constantly buying multiple courses and masterclasses from many different sites at an extremely wide range of prices.

Stratoschool offers a one-stop shop for hundreds of hours of easy-to-consume online training from approved content partners.

Generate An Online Revenue Stream!


Stratoschool members become automatic affiliates. That means once you sign up you can get paid to promote us, and you're pre-approved for it. No application needed!

We provide promotional tools you can use to earn 20% commissions for every paid referral PLUS 5% tier two commissions.

So, if you were to refer 10 paid members, and each of them referred 10 paid members, you would have 100 people helping you earn while you learn.

You really could turn your membership into a business!

For Online Course Creators

If you've taught on other online course marketplace platforms, you know what some of the challenges can be.

    • They can heavily discount your courses

    • They take a BIG cut of your revenue

    • They make it difficult to redirect traffic from your courses to your other products and services

    • Stratoschool Content Partners are collaborative with each other. They participate in a unique sales leveraging system with a unique pricing structure, and they keep nearly ALL the revenue they generate!

      As well, they can incorporate their own branding in their course materials and encourage members to check out their other products and services. No creative trickery needed!

      We're careful about who we invite to join us as a Content Partner as it helps us maintain a high standard.

      If you want in, there's no additional cost at this point, but you will have to apply.

      We'll notify members from time to time when we're accepting new Content Partner applications, so make sure you join us to stay up to date!

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    Check out these audio training previews from some of our expert Content Partners:

    Leading in a More Profitable Way

    Your profit definition probably seems clear. Make enough money to have some left over after expenses.

    But as two-time #1 international best selling author Gina Gardiner explains in this training collaboration with fellow leadership expert AliNICOLE WOW, the profit definition now needs to go beyond simply keeping shareholders happy.

    Today's definition of profit needs to encompass more than just the mathematics of moving money. It requires a significantly more holistic view that begins at the top with forward-thinking leadership.

    This three-part training is available with your Stratoschool premium membership.

    Discovering Your Digital First Evolutionary Branding Factor

    Consumers were already slowly and steadily moving into the digital space to meet their needs, but business wasn't eager to get ahead of the curve.

    Then came a pandemic. And while companies like Amazon were positioned to earn record profits as a result, much of the business community wasn't prepared.

    How do you grow your brand in the digital space?

    Enjoy this conversational training preview with Stratoschool founder Rob Deptford and digital business dominators AliNICOLE WOW and Joseph L. Jones Jr.

    Getting to the Root of Your Personal Financial Greatness

    Knowing how to manage money better is key to finding your financial greatness.

    It's not easy.

    In order to manage money better you first have to have money to manage, and then you have to have enough financial education to be able to make informed decisions about what to do with your money.

    Financial empowerment coach and multi-disciplinary author Tom-Tom shares his money insights with AliNicole WOW in this exclusive conversational training to help you get to the root of your personal financial greatness.

    Lifestyle by Divine Design 3-Part Series

    If you're wondering how to change lifestyle, you might have already tried a few things to make a change.

    You probably know your current lifestyle is bad for you in some way, be it an impact on your health, career, family, finances, or something else that's important to you.

    But a lifestyle change isn't always an easy change. We develop our habits over many years, and it takes time to develop new habits that are in alignment with what we truly want.

    The good news is that we can change our lifestyle if we're willing to take control and make it happen. And it's even easier if we're willing and able to tap into divine guidance.

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